CES 2013: iMusicbodyrhythm turns music rhythms to physical beats

Have you ever heard of converting music beats into physical experience, if not then iMusic BodyRhythm will make you do the same. The device gets directly connected to the playlist of the iPhone and works with iPhone app. You can use the amazing device to create your own beats by taping or shaking your iPhone.

You can be a drummer and create your own music by using your iPhone as a personal drum. The device has a unique way of working and every time you touch the screen of the iPhone, the BodyRhythm will beat on your shoulders. You can also adjust the intensity of the beat depending upon your comfort level. You can also record the drumbeat playlist using the same app for future use.

The Bluetooth connectivity makes the device handier. It has Bluetooth 3.0, which connects it with iOS. The device is fully compatible with Apple MFI standards so that there comes no troubles in signal transmission as well as processing. Zipper design for the BodyRhythm has not only made the experience comfortable but has also won an award for exceptional performance.

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