CreoPop lets you create glow in the dark 3D objects with ease

It’s been a decade we have been talking about 3D printers, 3D images, 3D movies and so on but has anyone ever imagined of using a pen in day to day life to create 3D drawings. I am sure market must be loaded with similar pens but what makes the pen that we are going to talk about here most exclusive is that it is the world’s first 3D pen that uses cool ink instead of hot melting plastic.

Now no more burning fingers or bitter smell. CreoPop, as named by the company, works on the principal of chemical reaction where its photopolymer ink solidifies to create a gel like structure. An instant photochemical reaction occurs at the nozzle of the pen where blue ultra violet light solidifies the so called ink of the pen. Though the chemical reactions producing fascinating drawings in the air seem complex but its usage is pretty simple.

As claimed by the company, this cordless pen weighs around 113 grams and can charm you for two hours on a single charge. You don’t need light to see what you wrote with the pen because highlights written using pen would glow marvelously in the dark. On top of this, there are many other

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