Disney’s 3D printed device lets you “feel” virtual objects

Aireal, a device that has been developed by researchers of Disney lets you feel virtual objects. Yes, that’s true. The device when connected on to your television or your iPad blows rings of air on you to create a sensation on your body and make you feel virtual objects. It’s like you’ll be able to feel bullets and bombs when you are hit by enemy in CoD.

The device fires air rings through small air cannons. These air rings called vortices are capable of travelling distance of more than 1.5 mts, hence assuring accurate targeting. When the vortex hits you it creates a force that you may feel at a particular point on your body.

Aireal is somewhat built of 3D-printed elements, as in, it is enclosed in a 3D-Printed box and there are five two-inch speakers in there which create pulses of rings and are aimed using a 3D-Printed nozzle.

The device can be used for a variety of applications. It can be attached to gaming systems, operating systems, theatres and much more. In the video below you can see that as the image of a flying butterfly is projected on arm of the user, he was also able to feel it.

Aireal will be unveiled at International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in California which will take place for four days from 21st to 25th July.

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