Don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend! This coat will never let you feel alone

If you don’t have a girlfriend and you feel alone! No more worries. Japanese researchers have invented a coat that hugs you from behind and lets you feel like you are being hugged by a girl. You also hear girl-whispers in your ear through a pair of headphones. Riajyuu Coat is what the developers call it. Designed by the engineers at the University of Tsukuba, the concept of the coat is clear as to make everyone feel that they have a girlfriend and are never alone.

Riajyuu Coat is embedded with a belt which tightens itself to give a sense of hug to the wearer. There are three people who made this coat a reality: Maito Omari is the developer who came up with the concept, Hikaru Sugira is the hardware engineer and Kota Shinbayashi is the one who worked on the software. In the video below the three are talking about how the coat works.

One of the phrases that are played while you are being hugged by the coat is “I’m sorry I’m late.” Right now the coat is not for sale as it is not mass produced, but it may soon be available. For those of you, who think that there is no life without a girlfriend, look forward to the Riajyuu Coat and be blessed for the rest of your lives.

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