Drone that carries safety measures for drowning swimmers

Queensland beaches are full of fun seekers when summers begin. There are swimmers and surfers everywhere. But these beaches try to swallow the fun seekers or the non swimmers, every now and then. To get rid of this problem and many other related to safety on beaches, lifesavers on Queensland beaches will be handed controls of unmanned drone aircrafts. These drones will patrol beaches for safety of people.


The drones will watch over the beaches for intrusion of sharks and also the people who are struggling to swim. They will be equipped with floatation buoys and a big loud horn. The drone that will be used is Aerobot’s Ring Drone. If the drone comes across any swimmer who is struggling to keep his head over water, it will throw floatation buoy for the swimmer. Also the big loud horn warns swimmers and lifesavers of the dangers like sharks.

These life saving drones are currently being experimented on Stradbroke Island. The head of Surf Life Saving Queensland, Brett Williamson was in words with ABC and told them about the experimentation.

Via: Gizmodo AU

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