Empire “Steam” Steampunk speakers add Victorian style to your home

Here’s some spunk for your music in the avatar of Steampunk. Two octagonal speakers with all the nutty, bolty and steamy theme. The Empire “Steam” Steampunk speaker brings music to your ears like no other as well furnish a Victorian look to your home.

The cabinets of these speakers are fashioned out of ¾” MDF board which is overlaid with copper veneer. To deck the veneer further, copper edge strips are employed bundled with brass finish washers and bronze square head drive screws.

The top and bottom of the speakers is heavy and shimmering granite. Tubing is solely in copper, any extra copper wire and exposed copper plate has been sanded and has been coated with a layer of paint to avoid corrosion. The woofers angle of emission is downwards. These speakers come in 16 different choices of veneer, so you can have the Steampunk that matches your funk. The pricing is a bit steep at $12,600 for a pair. Here are the specifications:

Height 36″

Width 24″

Depth 24″

Weight 125 lbs. (Approximate)

Maximum driving power: 400 Watts RMS

Impedence Nominal 8 ohms

Efficiency 92 dB

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