Equipped with handy gadgetry, Woven is truley a ‘Jack’et of all trades

We are totally technology dependent and keep looking for gadgets around us to accomplish each and every task like navigation, recoding etc. But now no hasty looking for gadgets while driving and no fear of forgetting some device at home because wearable technology with sensor fitted apparels would make life easy. These clothes come fitted with sensors that detect, record and even analyse the atmospheric factors like humidity, temperature and location along with the psychological factors. Woven is a similar e-wearable platform which has been beautifully and smartly crafted by Interaction designer Patrick Kersten and Games designerChristian Ribbens.

So what are we wearing exactly? Let’s see. Well, the jacket like e-wear is equipped with bend and heart-rate sensor which receives input from the body. For feedback are supplied speakers, a shake motor and a 12×12 pixel LED display. The source of power for this bundle of mechanism is 3 LilyPad Arduinos and a Lipo battery. The jacket or ‘WOVEN’ as they call it utilizes a blue tooth wireless link to connect to the internet via smartphones or notebooks with their respective apps. It wouldn’t be wrong to assign the sobriquet ‘JACK(et) of all trades’ to WOVEN since it can serve an array of uses such as activity recording, a portal to social networking and to grey zone communicate with pals betwixt online and offline presence. Kudos to the designers Marina Toeters and Melissa Petersen-Bonvie who managed to affect an almost ideal marriage between fashion and technology- the two things women and men are crazy for respectively.

Via: Talk2myshirt

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