Extreme Mod: Bike with an aircraft engine

We’ve featured many bizarre vehicles earlier, last week a huge bike with tractor tyres stole the show. Today is the time for Sternmotorbike, a bike powered by an airplane engine. The bike has 9 cylinders and not even a single silencer. I think the designer wants everyone to hear the bike roar. It took about one and a half years for Frank Ohle (designer of the bike) to complete this masterpiece.

Frank is a known modder for several years. He named his creation as Sternmotorbike. It’s a Red Baron Chopper motorized by a 150hp nine-cylinder Rotec Radial R3600 aircraft engine. Following are the specifications that the bike shares:

Engine: Radial nine-cylinder, four-stroke, two-valve

Displacement: 3600 cubic centimeters

Performance: 150 hp

Torque: 280 Newton meters at 2,200 revolutions per minute

Weight: 400 kg (empty)

Power transmission: Five-speed gearbox, chain

Frame, suspension
and wheels: Bridge frame without beams, rigid rear frame 80 spokes front 90, rear 300 tires

Also, check out the video below to see the bike in action.

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