Fijibot is an autonomous solar powered robot that lives by finding light on its own

A cute little robot named Fijibot is an entirely autonomous robot that eats light to stay alive. Fijibot is self charging and uses a solar powered battery. “mikesoniat” is an Instructables user who built Fijibot and submitted all important steps in building it so that you guys can build it yourself at home.

Materials needed to make the robot are a Fiji water bottle (the builder used Fiji bottle because the brand is environment friendly), a hacked radio controlled car, six volt solar panels and many other small yet important components. Installation was done step by step. Firstly, the builder gathered all tools and materials which were needed to build the Fijibot. Secondly, he installed the brain with Arduino Uno, Radio Shack, Arduino boards and shields, battery packs, pins, wires, etc. In the third step, photoresistors were placed that would help Fijibot to search for light. The tyres and rest of the body parts were assembled in the fourth step. Fifth and a vital step was to program the robot to find his own food (light) and avoid running into obstacles. After all five steps completed, it was time to put it all together and the builder did it with elegance.

It was tested by mikesoniat in his garage and the robot actually did quite well. Fijibot managed to find the light source to power itself and also managed to avoid an obstacle in its way which was a plastic recycle bin. See a video of Fijibot in action.


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