Five futuristic Tablet concepts

As tablets become more valuable and integrated in the mobile community, tech giants such as Apple and Samsung are in constant search of innovative means to put their creative content on the map. The Business Insider said that these gizmos are expected to exceed the mobile budgets in the next four to five years. While 2013 has been witnessing a profound improvement in terms of tablet innovations, mobile developers and analysts are still showing a glimpse of the near future, with a large potential of changing the dimension of the mobile ecosystem.

But before venturing into a new set of breakthrough innovations, Verizon Wireless notes that having an all-tablet experience still depends on how a user maximizes the device. On that note, here are physical innovations that may drastically change the tablet arena:

Doodle Book

The Doodle Book is designed by Korean manufacturers Hun Park and Pyeong Yeol Yoo. Aimed to make a creative masterpiece between “idea and realization,” this device can be used as a Memo pad. It has the ability to transfer a concept in an input system, which will be attached to an existing document. According to the handset’s sketch on Designboom, the device has a flip-style hardware, which is made up of a transparent OLED, and a resistive touch screen. This part will be used for sketching, scribbling notes, and typing through the virtual keyboard.


The idea behind the Ecopad is to generate electricity by directly using the device. This breakthrough feature comes in handy, especially that the mobile market is confronted by smartphones and personal computers that drain easily. The Ecopad tries to circumvent this idea, increasing the power of the device as you use it. To achieve this, the pad has a piezoelectric film which is located below the display, generating electricity through continuous tapping the screen.


Designed by Pedro Calle, the Fractal is arguably the first tablet dealing with augmented reality. Ideally, the device can be split into pieces, expanding its functionality as a laptop and a music player, which can be tweaked with the use of widgets and apps. Additionally, the device works as a console, separated physically with appropriate menus, tools, brushes, and audio samplers. The same idea is employed by Thomas Laenner’s concept of a minimalistic transparent tablet, where components can be taken apart, and synced with compatible devices.


Conceptualized by Yanko Design, the Mpad is aimed for professional designers, giving a seamless interaction between the pressure-sensitive pen, as well as the intuitive and multitouch screen. It is considered as the most advanced variant of the Wacom tablet, with specific keyboard commands mounted subsequently to the 15.6-inch OLED display. What’s worth noting is that the device employs two programmable button rockers and nine fixed buttons for easier access and navigation. Moreover, the device is ideal for left-handers as the 24 command shortcuts for apps are all located in the left of the screen.


The Hermes answer the issue of mobile device privacy and the keyboard constraints. With this innovative gizmo, the back side of the spare display is used as a virtual keyboard. Also, a beauty of its hardware is that it can be folded to use it as a smartphone. Like the Mpad, you can split the screen for multitasking capabilities. When you use the handset’s tablet functions and someone calls, you can immediately take off the spare screen to answer phone calls or even to reply to text messages.

Despite the challenge involved in advertising tablets, these devices attest to the incredible opportunities to be creative with technology. Will may see the above mentioned gizmos hitting the shelves soon.

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