Disabled police officers will use a RoboCop against crime in future

The law of the future is advanced, the future of law is robotics so don’t be surprised if you’re pulled over on a highway and within moments you find a slick robot deputy rolling up to your window with the words “Your license and registration please”! The research that we are going to discuss here will leave you awestruck. Researchers at Florida University’s Discovery Lab along with a member of U.S. Navy are working on telepresence robots that could patrol like policemen and could be controlled by disabled police officers. The robot will work like man-machine hybrid cop and therefore has been rightly named as RoboCop.

Lieutenant Commander Jeremy Robins borrowed two robots worth around $500,000 from the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. He also gave $20,000 for the project for its great cause to bring thousands of disabled soldiers and cops in the U.S. back to the work.

These robots would also work as patrol officers. They would be functioning akin to wheeled telepresence robots which would accomplish everything from attending and responding to 911 calls and also writing parking tickets to ensure safety of nuclear facilities. These ‘cyber cops’ need to be rugged and robustly built to successfully execute all these tasks but the real speculation right now is about their looks… Imagination would bring to you a ‘Robocop’ like image but only time will reveal how designers overcome the design hurdle.

Via: CNet


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