Get your kid a Corvette this Christmas

Remember when you were too young to drive? The site of your dad or neighbour pulling out their cars from the garages would get you all yearning and eager. You wished you could drive, and drive just about any car and not necessarily a fancy one. Well, the present times are much benevolent for the toddlers of today. Don’t be surprised if you see a juvenile face whizzing past you in a flashy Corvette at 6 miles an hour!

Yes sir, Fisher Price has created a new power wheels machine based on the C7 Corvette which is miniature scale and performance promising. Now since the gas money’s only going to come from mommy or daddy, this nifty little Sting-ray will deliver an economy equivalent to 30 miles per gallon. Yes, “equivalent”, for this car actually doesn’t consume gallons but electricity. It is an all-electric version running on a 12 volt battery which promises longer lasting charge than lesser models. So if you’re in the race to win that parent(s) of the year title, this Corvette can just be the ticket to seal the deal for you this Christmas as it rolls out late November this year.


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