Halved cuts your food in half to control your diet

No matter how hard you try you can’t resist feasting on the delicious food. If you are a foodie as well as a dieter, HALVED is the thing meant just for you. It’s a funny dinnerware comprising of a ceramic plate, mug and bowl and it forces you to eat less. The dinnerware is literally shaped in half so that you may serve only half of the meal for yourself and hence control your diet.

Halved may be a funny dinnerware but it’s incredibly useful too. It is a project on Kickstarter by 3 Indonesian guys named Fajar Kurnia, Jeremy Chia and Jo Djauhari. Available in a variety of colors the price range of Halved starts from £16 (25USD) to £165(250USD) for the whole dinner set.

The creative idea struck them when they were having dinner. It’s just so ironic to say that “Ideas come from food.” If you are impressed by the project and want to contact the makers you can go to their Facebook page. Also, if you want to fund their project go to their Kickstarter page. For prices of different dining sets refer to the images below.

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