Huge fully functional Nintendo controller made from LEGO bricks

There is a good news for LEGO lovers and a win-win for those who love gaming along with LEGOs. Yes, we are taking about a huge NES controller almost five feet in size.  The amazing work was undertaken by Baron Von Brunk. The striking controller is not only exact LEGO made replica of NES but is also fully functional. Though using giant LEGO control combos are expected to make the game little tough.


Light grey LEGO brick walls have been used to make the controller which is covered with removable tiled plates. Glossy stickers have been used for the labels. Insides are tunneled with strings and support from buttons. The buttons are loaded with spring so that they respond on being pressed. Beneath the huge LEGO buttons there is a place for tiny momentary pushbuttons. These pushbuttons are soldered to the real circuit board of the NES controller, which is in turn connected to the USB convertor. And this is how Nintendo is played on the computer.


When you push large LEGO buttons, a contact is made with the pushbuttons. The connection in turn sends electrical signal to the circuit board, so called brain of the game. The board has been provided with the LEGO technic spring suspension so as to avert buttons getting jammed when pressed.


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Via: ToplessRobot

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