Huge motorbike with tractor tyres is made of junk

Chinese people are awesome in making things out of junk. This amazing motorcycle has also been made from junk by a chap known as Abulajon who is from Manas County, Xinjiang China. The huge bike would surely make all the bike riders jealous of its grand looks. It took Abulajon a whole year to complete the bike as well as he spent 8000 yuan (Rs. 70,000) in building it.

The bike is a huge 2.4 mt in height and 4.4 mt in length and has four tyres, the two main tyres are taken out of a tractor and two real wheels are set for balancing. The 300 kg bike can achieve a maximum speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). Instead of the headlight Abulajon fixed a floodlight to compliment the bike’s huge size and the engine has also been recycled from some old vehicle.

There is still no name given to this huge bike neither we know why was this made but it surely is a great asset to the maker. We’d love to see it vrooming on every road of every country. For now you may see the bike in action in the video below.

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