Hyundai created a Zombie Survival Vehicle equipped with machine guns

Last year’s Zombie apocalypse vehicle was an outstanding creation by Hyundai and no one had actually thought that anything better than this could be created. But Hyundai has done it again by creating Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. The company has joined hands with Robert Kirkman to unveil this masterpiece at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con. Just to make you familiar with the guy, Robert Kirkman is mind behind “The Walking Dead.”

The company has taken help from expert team at Galpin Auto Sports to give rugged and strong look to the vehicle. The bizarrely designed car has got a machine gun fitted on its roof with a chainsaw on each side of the bonnet for slicing the Zombies to pieces. It has been made using thick window bars and metal sheets to keep strollers away from it along with loads of armor fitted throughout the vehicle. The only sad part is that this inexplicably designed car won’t hit the road for common man but its beauty will lie in its exclusivity.

Hyundai’s Veloster Zombie Survival Machine is not a bad news for flesh craving zombies, its the worst.

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