iFlask: An iPhone like gadget to hold your booze

Hiding your booze from others is easy but hiding it for a long time is difficult. To help you in hiding your booze very effectively, a team of students have created iFlask. iFlask is an iPhone styled flask that can hold 5 oz of your beloved beverage. Yup, that’s right, the picture you see here is not an iPhone neither it is an iPhone case, it’s actually a flask specially meant to hold your drink.

The iFlask is perfect for those who love Apple gadgets as well as for those who love, ummmm you got it! It’s made of Polycarbonate and stainless steel frame and comes with a foldable funnel that may help you when you need to refill your best buddy (at times). There is a twig on the top that you can slide to drink or dispense the beverage.

The cool gadget was once a project on Kickstarter but it failed to collect the required amount of pledge. It is also being called as “the world’s first ever smart flask” by its developers. You can order the iFlask for $24.95 here.

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