IOE3-Kanban: A 100MP camera developed in China

Institute of Optics and Electronics has developed a 100MP camera that can capture 10,240 x 10,240 resolution images through its square-format sensor. The work was done under Chinese Academy of Sciences and right now it’s the highest pixel camera in China. The IOE3-Kanban camera, as it is known, is actually very small in size measuring just 7.6” and is lightweight too.IOE3-Kanban- A 100MP camera

The rugged camera can be used in temperature ranging from -20°C to 55°C. The institution says that the features like High Sensitivity and High Dynamic Range (HDR) will enable higher- res photography which will be helpful in aerial plotting, smart transportation systems, city planning and disaster observation. Shown below is an image captured by IOE3-Kanban.

IOE3-Kanban camera has other features like Camera Management System, High-Capacity Recording System and Superior Optical System. Chinese have taken another step into the future of photography. Let’s hope they will not stop here and continue amusing us with some more camera advancements.

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