iPad compatible wall posters that play music on being touched

Wall posters…they are colorful, abstract, inspiring, ornamental, musical… wait musical? Yes, well apparently this one is! Novalia has blended simple picture approach with the modern-day artistic motif by adding interactive platform to the poster. A little about Novalia: it is a group of seven people from UK comprising of scientists, designers as well as programmers. The team has made its debut venture with a musical drum kit poster.

The drum kit can produce as many as seven unique sounds and one can even add their favorite beats if they so wish. The whole thing works with printed touch technology using touch sensors produced with electrically conductive ink and you need not struggle with any kind of sticks and styluses. Now when you touch the graphic, it identifies your touch in much similar way as does the touchscreen.

For now, two types of musical posters are being made. First type posters will get connected to your iPhone and iPad through Bluetooth to play the beats and another type that will produce sound by converting poster into a separate speaker. Another plus point is its recycling would be quite easy as paper parts can be easily detached from electronic parts. Now if you really like the idea of blending paper and technology in such a musical way, you can support them on Kickstarter where they have started a campaign to bring down the cost of musical drum kit.

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