Jet Powered Batman Batmobile is up for grabs on eBay for $620,000

Are you a Batman fan? Willing to buy a Batmobile at any cost? Then this jet turbine powered Batmobile is the right thing for you. Even though it is way too expensive but super details of the car and a jet powered engine won’t let a Batman follower disappointed. The vehicle has same weight and power as of the Dodge Viper so you can well imagine how fast it would be.

The Batmobile has a semi automatic gearbox to boost jet power of the vehicle into rear wheels. Multiple fueling options let you run the vehicle on diesel, kerosene and certainly jet fuel. Whole interior and exterior of the vehicle is painted in black.

The Batmobile is located in Dublin, Ohio, United States, was street registered in 2011 and was built in an ace facility in US. As I mentioned above that the vehicle is way too expensive, you would actually need a lot of money to buy it for yourself. The Batman Batmobile is available on eBay for a gruesome US $620,000.

Via: HiConsumption

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