Kibo robot makes you fall in love with itself by making friendly relations

Kibo, a robot that is designed to give space astronauts some company when they feel alone in space is a project by Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), Robo Garage of Kyoto University, Dentsu and Toyota. A 13 inch robot weighing 1kg and is capable of making friendly relations with humans by understanding their behaviour and emotions. It can also take pictures, make a valid conversation and can post Twitter updates for you. Following is the sketch model of Kibo that shows how the robot will look like. 

Kibo robot

Kibo will accompany Koichi Wakata (Japanese astronaut) in International Space Station (ISS) next year. It features telecommunications functions, messaging actions, language processing, voice mixing and two cameras, one for facial recognition and other for recording.

Kibo robot

Main reason why the robot is being created is to solve the problems and conflicts between humans through communication. When you talk to the robot he replies you in such a way that you feel closer to him, an understanding, a mutual bond is formed between you and the robot. As for astronauts, it will help in understanding and relieving the problems related to home (Earth) sickness and ease out stress of living in space for long.

Via: The Telegraph

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