LG has developed the world’s slimmest display

LG has created yet another marvel for the modern techie world. The world’s slimmest display might not be a necessity for you but it certainly can be a show-off. The world’s slimmest display produced by LG is a 1080p LCD that will enhance the viewing experience as well as provide a better grabbing ability to the users. Thickness of the LCD is just 2.2mm that is adequately enough to grant it the world’s slimmest title.

Such a thin panel was possible only because of their new technology called Advanced One-Glass-Solution. The display that LG unveiled is a 5.2-inch full Hi-Def LCD display with 1080×1920 panels, RGB pixels with brightness of 535 nits and a bezel of 2.3mm. This means that the display tops the list of all LCD panels in the world (performance wise).

Every bit of the display has been certified by Intertek, a multinational product testing, certification and inspection company. The technology will be used in future cellphones, may be in Optimus G2 that is yet to be unveiled by LG. Let’s hope such a tech bestows upon us a bright future.