Mayan apocalypse is not a sure thing but these Survival Pods surely are

The Mayan apocalypse may or may not be but farmer Liu Qiyuan is ready for it with his formidable survival pods. Christened the Noah’s ark, each pod is made of fiberglass shell around a steel frame. The name of the pods has been inspired by the Hollywood catastrophe flick- 2012.Survival Pods

The pods have been built in yard at the farmer’s home in the village of Quiantun, south of Beijing. Qiyuan believes that the pods can offer protection from natural disasters such as tsunamis and hurricanes. The pods have the tendency to float on water while some of them have the potential of self-propulsion as well. The pods being impenetrable to water are made airtight. Inside the pod are housed oxygen tanks and seatbelts with a capacity of accommodating 14 people. The construction has been well thought as the pods are designed in a way which keeps them upright in water.
Survival Pods
It is Liu Qiyuan’s hope that his design will be adopted by Government departments and international organizations  for use in the event of tsunamis and earthquakes.

Survival PodsSurvival Pods

Via: Vancouver Sun


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