Most bizarre keyboard ever is perfect for writing stories

Carrie Segal, a 27 year old Makebly user has built a brass and glass USB keyboard that’s absolutely dissimilar to any regular keyboard. The image you see here is not a techie weapon instead it’s a keyboard consisting of all 36 vital writing keys. The keyboard called Hemisphere Keyboard looks like a sphere with multiple spikes. Each spike is having a glass ball at the end with letters encrypted on top.

It is made up of different materials which include wooden doll head for the main sphere, some wires, push buttons, brass rods, glass and teensy board. Carrie has posted the whole process of making this keyboard on Instructables. She uses Skyberrys as her username both on Makebly as well as Instructables. The wicked device by Carrie is cool enough to turn you heads. You can see the video below to see how she types “Hello World. This is a Hemisphere Keyboard” through the Keyboard.

You can follow the instructions on the above mentioned link if you want to make Hemisphere Keyboard for yourself.

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