Motion sensor Kisai Neutron Watch has LED bars to tell you the time

Coolest accessory for your wrist can be a watch. But not unless you have the new Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron Watch that tells you the time through LED’s stuck on its face. The watch features a futuristic design and comes equipped with a motion sensor that enables a wearer to see the time with a flick of wrist. Time is presented via flashing LED’s and can be set to be displayed in a wavy or fade mode.

The watch is rechargeable i.e. it does not require any battery to keep ticking and can be recharged by connecting to the USB port. You just need to recharge the watch once in a month. As always, Tokyoflash’s latest release, the Kisai Neutron Watch is a limited edition that is available in a variety of colors: gunmetal, gold stainless steel and brushed black with red, blue and white flashing LED’s. Right now the watch has been offered on a launch price of $139. The video below displays how time flashes on the watch.

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