Next Generation artificial hands will ‘feel’ what they touch

A bionic hand lets an amputee carry out his original hand movements. What it does not offer is the feeling of touch. This year a team of doctors from Italy are going to transplant a bionic hand onto a patient. Now there is something unique about this bionic hand, it can ‘feel’ sensations. OhYes, its true, these artificial limbs can actually feel sensory impressions through hand sensors and can also be controlled by mere thoughts.

Bionic Hand 2

The artificial hand will be attached to two primary nerves of the arm via electrodes and to the nervous system. The patient’s name is still unknown and will be revealed later. Silvestro Micera of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland is associated with developing the interface of this bionic hand. According to him, this is the first prosthetic that will be able to grasp things with real-time sensory feedback. The sensors are embedded all over the artificial limb hence a person will be able to sense through his thumb, fingers, palm as well as the wrist.

Bionic Hand

The bionic hand is a breakthrough in development of prosthetics and will change the way amputees use them on daily basis. It’s said to be the world’s first bionic hand that can be controlled via thoughts and feel sensations.

Bionic Hand 3

Bionic Hand 4Bionic Hand 5



Via: The Independent

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