Now experience rich Holographic imaging via your smartphone’s screen using HOLHO

Now here’s something worthy of a Sheldon Cooper ‘BAZINGA’! Holographic Displays which generate richly textured images in thin air have so far been imagined to be restricted to sophisticated labs and studios. But HOLHO aims to bring that same experience to us all owning smartphone and tablets with HOLHO holographic displays.

These displays come in three configurations: the holopad pyramid, the holopad naked, and holopad Z. At the heart of the technology is a reflective surface. The reflective surface is cased in a stand which has space allotted for fitting in the device. This same reflective surface picks the image from your phone/tablet’s screen and further divides it into 4 images, eventually merging it into one 3D holographic motion image which floats at the center of the reflective surface.

The HOLHO is a great way to put old tablets and phones to use by converting them into great ‘Technoaesthetics’ that add a modern and contemporary oomph to your interiors. The Holho app even allows the user to create own images with just one caveat, which that images should be clicked against a black background for achieving maximum effect. The Holho pyramid and the Z are best suited for 10 inch tablets. They even support tabs ranging from the 7 inch profile. So the optical illusion fiesta now only requires a smart device and a HOLHO mould to get the Sci-fi fun started.

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