This Valentine’s IO Data can make you win Love Memory Board chocolate

Romance and technology are two different sides of a coin but this Valentine’s you will see them walking hand in hand. In a unique campaign, Japanese computer peripheral maker named as I-O data will be collaborating with a confectionery maker Maple House to create chocolate in form of a memory circuit board. These chocolates will be received by three lucky individuals.

Chocolate memory3

The chocolates are so thorough and genuine that you will have to remind yourself not to use them on your computers. The handmade memory board being referred as “Love Memory Board” or “Memory of Love Chocolate” would be a perfect Valentine’s gift for the lucky ones who will get it. The impossibility to mass produce it will keep it special. Lucky draw will be made for choosing the winners from the list of shoppers on I-O Data’s site who will be shopping between February 6 and February 15. The real purpose of the chocolate is to mark 33 successful years of company.

Chocolate memory

Chocolate memory1

Chocolate memory2

Via: Kotaku

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