Orcasub: A private submarine to take you deep down lavishly

Who wouldn’t want to go deep down the beauteous “Seven Seas” and explore the fascinating world beneath? Well, if you happen to be some creature that can swim in water for several hours it would be easier. But you cannot. Just to assist you in doing so, a UK store Harrods exhibited an effigy of Spymaster’s Orcasub in Technology Showcase 2.0. Orcasub is a private submarine that can be controlled via a joystick and can go deep down to 2,000 ft.

It’s a 4 ton and 22 foot long submarine that can carry 2 passengers at one time. The battery powered sub consists of two domes which support life for 80 hours, isn’t that great? There are two foot pedals and joystick like controls which lets you control the submarine like an aircraft.

It also has an anti collision sonar to make you aware of your surroundings, communication system lets you communicate to the world above and a 60,000 lumen ultra-LED lighting system to help you see around.

Although it’s a great toy but it isn’t meant for an ordinary person as it costs $2 million. Orcasub is a made-to-order submarine and higher versions are also available which can go down to 6,000 ft costs $9.32 million. This one is just a miniature but Spymaster is taking orders for a full-sized Orcasub sub. So if you’ve got the money why wait, order one for yourself and get ready to hit the ocean paradise.

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