UPenn’s TitanArm exoskeleton adds strength of metal to your biceps

Exoskeletons are being used all around the world for making heavy lifting easy and for helping people increase mobility of their arms in case they are they have been stiffened after a surgery or accident. They not only fulfill ones desire to have something inspired from sci-fi but also support people with disabilities. The TitanArm prototype that we are discussing here has been made by a team from University of Pennsylvania. The team even won silver for prototyping upper body exoskeleton.

ExoskeletonThe upper body exoskeleton is light weighed and economical because of its aluminum crafting. It is run by a battery powered DC motor, has racket braking and chain drive system. It has features thumb stick controller that helps in its movements. The robotic bicep could be effectively used in healthcare processes where sensors etc. could even help in diagnosing patents. Video given below can give you more details about the prototype. Have a look.


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