Self balancing Hovertrax is the fun way of personal transportation

I’ve always wanted an easy and fun way of travelling short distances. I am quite sure you too wanted the same. Just for some guys like us, Inventist, a company that makes compact personal transportation vehicles, has unveiled Hovertrax.

Hovertrax is a self-balancing, light-weight and small transporter that can carry you around at 6mph for 4 miles on a single charge. It can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor transportation.

Hovertrax’s compact size lets you carry it in your backpack. Both the tyres have a motor fitted with gyro sensor that allows the vehicle to change directions with a tilt. If you tilt forward, the vehicle moves forward, if you tilt sideways the vehicle changes its direction to left or right depending on your tilt and you can even reverse the vehicle with a backward tilt.

The total weight of Hovertrax is just 9 pounds (4 Kgs) and the machine is divided into two halves which bend separately. The batteries are Lith-Ion which can be charged through any wall outlet and the accelerometer helps the vehicle catch up the speed. It will soon be available to buy for $695.

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