Soccer ball spins and bends automatically when kicked

Do you want your kid to be a soccer player? Yes of course, everyone wishes to make his kid play like Bechkam! You can fulfill this dream of yours by making your kid play with this miraculous ball termed as “BuredaMaster Blur ball” or “BuredMaster Bending Ball.” The ball lets you put some spin on the shot even if you aren’t good at playing football. It’s a “magic ball” that also produces sound effects when kicked.

The “BuredaMaster Blur Ball” weighs around 120 grams and its weight is concentrated towards one side of it. This will enable player to perform no-spin kick by kicking from below, whereas “BuredaMaster Bending Ball” has 20 grams weight on side with air hole and 25 grams to its opposite. In the latter case, player has to keep lighter side on the ground. This makes ball spin in the air. The most fascinating feature about the ball is that it produces sound effects on being kicked.

The magic soccer balls are for kids aging 6 to 10. The ball will be priced at $22.44 or 2,100 yen. Though they are not practical for the real game but they will surely help your kid learn the skills to play the great game.

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