Specially designed booth for Valentine’s week can print your “Valentine Day Kiss” in 3D

Valentine’s Day, a most celebrated day for lovers over a well defined period. The day also means an outburst in the amount of kissing that goes on. Well, this Valentine season Hot Pop Factory in collaboration with Untitled & Co. and Draft Print 3D brings you the 3D Printing Kissing Booth. It’s a pop-up event that allows you to capture your image with your lover and have it printed in 3D. Be it the lovely Neck Kiss, French Kiss or the casual Lip Kiss. ♥ Love is in the air! Isn’t it? ♥

3D Printing Kissing Booth

3D Printing Kissing Booth gets its inspiration from “3D Printed Candy Dispenser” that was a hit project recently. The booth will allow you to get yourself scanned and captured in 3D and subsequently get a 3D printed mini figurine of yourself.

3D Printing Kissing Booth 1

The event will take place live for three days at Untitled & Co. 717 Queen St. West, Toronto. So, if you want a 3D printed miniature of yourself with your Valentine (kissing each other) head on to the above mentioned location. 11th Feb is the day for press and media, 12th and 13th Feb everyone’s invited.

3D Printing Kissing Booth

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