Spidey’s latest suit boasts of a built-in MP3 player

There are some very interesting changes in Spider-Man’s suit that are going to be featured in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. One of the major changes is a music player embedded into the Web-Slinger’s costume. Yes, you read that right. Our very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is gonna enjoy music while fighting crime.

Swinging from skyhigh floors and kicking some serious super villain butt can even leave spidey yearning for a break. So Spidey’s going to embellish this much deserved timeout with music. Yes sir, the ‘itsy bitsy spider’ is going to have a small MP3 player attached inconspicuously to his costume. As to how our superhero will control the player is still on an obscure note. Maybe it could be his web shooter that will flip music by the use of gestures or it could be a remote sewn to the costume. Mystery shall reveal itself in a span of 10 months when time spins its web of days and swings us to May 2014.

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