Sports car made out of cardboard is awfully Eco-friendly

A race car made out of cardboard and plywood was presented by students of Aston University at Shell Eco-Design competition. Judges of the competition were enthralled by the creation and decided to rank this car no. 1 among all the other creations. Yes, the car won the competition. It is also an Eco-friendly car as it is powered by Hydrogen. Also, the car is created in such a way that it folds entirely when required, for easy transportation (shipping, etc.)

The cardboard race car will compete in Shell Eco-Marathon that was scheduled to be held this month in Kuala Lumpur but due to heavy haze the event was called off. Now it will recommence in early 2014 at Manila, Philippines (reported by Shell). The main aim of this Marathon is to travel maximum in just 1 liter of fuel.

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