Steampunk coffee table inspired from NES controller is made of recycled stuff

You may be a coffee addict or a gaming freak. Whatever the situation may be, you will just love Charles Lushear’s marvelous creation which is a coffee table inspired from Nintendo controller. The artistically created coffee table features Steampunk style and is therefore called “Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.” It is made from recycled materials with a glass set on the top to hold your coffee.

The Steampunk NES controller coffee table is perfect to serve you some best meals of the day, but its non-functionality ruins it all. Yes that’s right, you cannot play games through this controller and the buttons are just brag, embedded to turn your geek on. However, if you consider the looks it’s not a total waste, rather it’s a beauty.

With an ideal size of 40″ x 17.5″ x 18″ (length x width x height) the Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table’s main frame is made of Cedar wood which was once a part of fencing in Marina Del Rey, California. Katanga Cross, used as the directional pad is a copper cross that was a former currency of Democratic Republic of the Congo. The select/start buttons are recycled AR-15 20 round magazines and the A/B buttons are exposed antique clock mechanism.

I am pretty sure that you guys will buy it only if you are a diehard fan of Nintendo as it costs $2,600. But if you are willing to buy it then you can contact Charles on his Etsy store called BohemianWorkbench.

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