TF-X: Next Gen flying car flies vertically just like a helicopter

Wouldn’t it be better if in the future we all travel in a flying car, that too a flying car that flies like a helicopter? Certainly it will be. With the aim of making a flying car for future transportation Terrafugia, a company from Woburm, MA, has taken an initiative. The company is now focused to develop a flying car with retractable wings, retractable so that it could be driven on the roads too.

Terrafugia’s flying car is called the TF-X. It’s a four-seater plug-in hybrid electric winged car that will take-off and land vertically, just like a helicopter. The car will have a much higher degree of safety, simplicity and convenience according to the CEO, Carl Dietrich. The TF-X will be ready soon, if the team gets some support from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and also some funds/resources for which they are looking forward to.

The pictures and video will give you a hint of how the car will look and function. Proceed to see the images and video. Also, to see a “Flying Motor Tricycle”.

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