Tiny ping pong robots could build a habitat on another planet

Technology is making things faster and compact. Did you ever imagine seeing ping pong ball sized robots? Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll along with his team has developed 20 such robots in the University of Colorado Boulder US. These robots can perform complex tasks and researchers are further working on them to make them versatile. The robots can work together in synchronization.


The inventor is hoping to make these robots perform work like hardware assembly etc. and designates a very interesting term as a “liquid that thinks.” Work is being done to make these small robots identify patterns and adapt to shape change using swarm-intelligence. These robots will be able to work on sensor based motion as well and this behavior could be transferred depending upon the tasks.  These robots will be so efficient that will be able to assemble aircraft as well as telescope parts.


The robots occupy very small spherical space and the electronics that forms the robot fit into small space. The team is working on robotic garden technology and in few years these robots will be able to create new habitat on another planet.






Via: RedOrbit

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