Tooth sensor can help you quit smoking

A team of researchers in National Taiwan University, Taipei has created a sensor that can be embedded into your tooth and can diagnose your health. The sensor fitted with an accelerometer collects data and sends it directly to your smartphone. It can send feeds of how many times you smoke cigarettes, how much do you eat, your drinking habits, coughing and even speaking.

The team is lead by Hao-hua Chu of the same university. Right now the device can be fitted into the dental braces or dentures but they plan to make it so minute that it possibly embeds into crown or cavity. Tooth sensor is currently in its testing phase. It has been tested on eight people and the results are 94% accurate.

The prototype that has been tested uses an external power source. A nano-battery can solve their problem if they find a way to attach it into the tooth. We think the device can also be used commercially by millions of smokers to keep a check on the number of cigarettes they smoke on daily basis. Also, it would help counter a number of oral health problems.