Transform any object in your home into an iPad like touchscreen

Have you ever wished to transform normal things around you in a way that would allow them to respond to your touch like touchscreen tablets do? Yes, isn’t that amazing? Two PhD students, John Hardy and Carl Ellis of Lancaster University have made this possible by creating a technology that can transform any object into a tablet computer. This new technology is christened ‘Ubi Displays’ and it requires a computer and a projector along with a camera to complete the touch display.

Basically what happens is that the technology is centered around a high-tech projector that projects or beams the image of any desired item such as an alarm clock, a laptop and so forth onto an object. The process from thereon is as follows. A webcam monitors pixels in colors red, green and blue along with depth and feeds details of the actions and movements of the person in question and returns the information back to the computer.

The computer then deciphers this information and by using a software tries to conjecture what the user is attempting with his fingers. The same finger movements are then emulated on the projected image thereby carrying out the desired operation using a pseudo sense of touch.

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