Winter-Sun Travel Outfit: An outfit that can transform into a strapless dress, a mini-skirt or a hooded jacket

Have you ever felt the need of changing your outfit all of a sudden? Some of you might have. Sudden changes in the weather, unexpected call for a celebration are some of the reasons which could lead you in doing so. A UK travel website called TravelSupermarket has found a way out to this dilemma. They came out with an outfit that can transform from a hooded jacket into a mini skirt or even a strapless dress.

Winter Sun Travel Outfit

Winter-Sun Travel Outfit is what they call their dress. The jacket has different parts which when unzipped becomes a sexy mini skirt or a strapless dress. It’s touted to be the world’s first convertible travel outfit and even comes with an inflatable pillow equipped to the collar for your sweet sleep while you travel. When you zip off sleeves of the jacket they can be used as a shoulder bag.

Winter Sun Travel Outfit 2

The website prepared Winter-Sun Travel Outfit when a survey led them to find that 57% of travelers are uneasy with their outfit when they step off the plane. They also made a child version that comes equipped with a GPS, a relief for parents about the safety of their kids.

Winter Sun Travel Outfit 1

The outfit is not available for masses at the moment but it surely will if it grabs some attention. So, do you like it?

Winter Sun Travel Outfit 3


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