Working with moss and lichen covered hard drive would be real fun for gadget freaks

This matchless hard drive will amaze all gadget freaks out there. Shadow of the Colossus is one of those perennial games which never go out of acceptance. Its official marketing may have stopped long ago but lovers of the game still spread the word far and wide. What makes the game so compelling is its engaging gameplay overlaid on a strong emotional story. Reddit user foxfoxwaltz has paid his tribute to the legendary creation by modelling his hard drive after one of the colossi.

External Hard Drive1

Coming to the hard drive, it has 500 GB space with the base made up of recycled heavy lamp. The structure is made string by plastering and proper wiring. When it is fully plastered, stone textured spray is painted on the complete structure. When done with the painting, apply fake moss and lichen to give a nice effect. When all is done, use vellum for the eyes of the giant such that it lights to shine. The USB has its way at the end of the hard drive. The hard drive lights up whenever USB is plugged in.

External Hard Drive

It’s a delightful miniaturization of the gigantic creature in the game. When something like this guards your data, the cares for any data loss should be farther away. Check out in the following pictures how he did it.

External Hard Drive2

External Hard Drive8

External Hard Drive10

External Hard Drive9

External Hard Drive3

External Hard Drive4

External Hard Drive5

External Hard Drive6

External Hard Drive7

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